Are you on your way to success? One must keep learning and exploring new things as with the growing competition one must be updated and know the ongoing trends. There are various courses after intermediate, one of them is B.Sc(IT), one must have the grasp of the course before pursuing. Let’s confer about this course.

What is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology?

B.Sc.(IT) is a 3 years undergraduate degree and the minimum requirement for it is intermediate. Before pursuing the course one should know What is the course about? career and scope in it.

The course primarily includes knowledge of subjects like software, database, networking, programming, computer systems, operating systems, etc. The course includes subjects like Data structures, software development, and testing, database development, discrete mathematics, digital electronics, various programming languages, etc.

Now after pursuing the course what next?

You can go for higher studies or join any company, have your own startup.

What are the career options after B.Sc(IT)?

There are various career options in the IT field after this course such as Programmers, Network engineers, cybersecurity analysts, IT system analysts, web designers.

What is the role of various professionals in the company?

Network engineer-A network engineer is a professional having the necessary skills planning, develop, maintain, troubleshoot the data network of an organization.

Web designer-web designers create the designs and layouts of the web pages, responsive websites as per the demand of clients.

Software developers-software developers build applications, write codes and often use development tools.

IT Support analyst- IT support analyst provides technical setup support within the organization or to external customers and businesses.

Cybersecurity analysts– They are responsible for the security and safety of data and sites so that personal data cannot be misused.

Some top companies that hire graduates from this course are Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Deloitte, Mindtree.

Other Career options after B.Sc.(IT)

One option is MCA(Masters in Computer Applications).MCA is the 3-year post-graduate degree which consists of advanced concepts of programming. After MCA you can join IT companies as a software engineer, network engineer, IT analyst, Programmer, etc.

A further option is M.SC(IT)(Masters of Science in Information Technology), it is also a post-graduate degree whose duration is 2 years. The course includes the advanced concept of various programming languages such as Java, python, c++, etc. and includes subjects like data mining, data structures, etc.

One can also join university/college as a lecturer after pursuing M.Sc.(IT).

And after completing your bachelor’s degree if you are not inquisitive about further studies you can join the company which will provide you better exposure and you can gain experience.

A further career option after this course is government sector jobs, after completing your bachelor’s one can seek a job in various government sectors like banking, give exams like SSC-CGL, UPSC. These exams open the doors to the government jobs pertaining to the Income-tax department, CBI and some other departments.

After completing this course if you are incurious about programming and engrossed in the management field then you can jump to MBA, various specializations are there in MBA such as marketing, finance, human resource, etc. After pursuing MBA from a ranked university you can give a flight to your career in the management field.

Why Should you choose B.Sc.(IT)?

Every company has a database, IT technology and for that skilled operators are required to ensure the smooth transition of data between clients, servers, and companies. So the hire individuals with a degree in the IT field and this course is among one of the Information Technology field courses.

You can get employment in any sector like banking, institutions, companies, BPO’s, and many sectors because with the digitalization use of computers is also increasing.

Various placement areas after this course are Telecommunication Industry, IT industry, Research, and development organization, All India Radio, Power Electronics, and communication.

So, we have conferred about the scope and career in the course and now you can take the plunge whether you are interested in the course and are ready to give your career a flight.

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