B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science in food technology is a 3-year undergraduate program focused on a goal to impart students knowledge about the process of food production and various technologies used in the field. The minimum eligibility criteria for taking admission in this course is – 10+2 education completed from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology/Home Science as main subjects. Its main objective is that after learning these new technologies and process how it can be improved and optimised. This course involves an in-depth study of activities involving preserving, processing and production. It also provides knowledge of the scientific and technical procedure to understand the nature of raw material and how to process it.

B.Sc. in food technology also helps students to attain effective conversion of raw material into marketable goods and also understand the process of how the quality of food varies with different conditions and varying factors. This course also gives advanced knowledge about what should be the composition of the food so that quality is not compromised. It also provides you with insight about nutritional, microbial and physicochemical properties of goods. All these processes and concepts enable students to learn the importance of food processing technology plant sanitation, quality, laws, rules and regulations, composition, nutritional value and packaging in the food industry.

The syllabus of B.Sc. in food technology includes – Fundamentals of food technology, Adulteration and testing, Toxicology, preparation and packaging,  chemistry of products, composition of bakery and confectionery products, analysis of goods and raw material, fundamental of milk processing, hygienic and sanitation, Principles of microbiology, Normal and therapeutic nutrition, laws and quality assurance etc.

Why choose B.Sc. in Food technology?

  • Largest industry – It is the broadest and biggest sector in the world and of extreme importance to every individual. It has a large scope for development and following economies of scope and scale.
  • Great Learning opportunity – Interested in learning the process of converting raw material into the end product, until the packaging with the help If refined and developed technologies.
  • Growing demand for food science technology professionals – There is a growing demand for professionals in this sector due to emerging trends and advancement in technology.
  • Job security – Every sector has faced recession at some point of time, however, this sector hasn’t faced any major recession.
  • Lucrative career opportunities – In this field, you have a vast opportunity available at various posts like – food technologists, Organic chemist, Quality manager etc.

Eating is one of essential thing in human life without which you can’t survive so this is why it is one of the largest industry found in the world and job security is very high. Working in this industry will provide you with lots of opportunity and challenges. This industry requires a professional who has deep knowledge about the industry otherwise it will lead to loss of life. So this career comes with challenges as well as responsibility. Professional should have knowledge about enhancing the nutritional content, adding flavour, quality assurance, supply handling, longevity and storage, processing and preservation, packing and distribution.

B.sc in food technology has blooming career opportunities in their field at various positions like –

Food technologists – This job of professional at this position is to develop new methods and techniques to produce goods in an effective and efficient manner so that it can be preserved for a longer duration. According to Glassdoor, the average salary package for this profile is around 8-10 lakh per annum.

Organic Chemists – The role of an organic chemist is to study and analyse the raw material and its quality. They also perform the various test, chemical reactions and procedures so that the quality of products can be increased. According to Glassdoor, the average salary package for this position is in between 5-6 lakh per annum.

Quality Manager – The role of the quality manager is to check the quality of products produced by the company. They also check whether there is any kind of mixing or toxicity is present in products or not.  He handles the total quality management aspect of the organisation. According to Glassdoor, the average salary package is around 5.5-7 lakh per annum.

Process / Product Development Technician – The role of the individual is to research and find various methods and techniques so as to optimize the process and develop some new products with great nutritional content. According to Glassdoor, the average salary package is around 3.5-5 lakh per year.

Top recruiters for this sector are – ITC limited, Dabur India, Parle products private limited, Cadbury limited, Nestle India Pvt. Limited, Pepsico India, Britannia Industries,  Hindustan Uniliver limited, Godrej Industries Limited, MTR limited, Amul, Agrotech, Kwality, Vadilal, National Agriculture analysis research centre, Glaxosmith Con, Hatsun Agro etc.

Scope of B.sc in Food Technology

This industry is one of the largest industry in the world and it is the industry which will never be going to face a recession in any era. Food is our essential need that is to be fulfilled so its scope is never-ending. It will go on increasing with time.

  • This industry is not fully developed yet, there are lots of gaps to be filled. So here comes the scope of expansion, with the right knowledge and technology use, graduate in this sector can excel and in this field and take this industry to another level with creativity and skills.
  • Generate Entrepreneurial ideas and Business models.
  • There are lots of jobs available in this continuously growing field and is expanding its wings in various sectors like – Hospitality Management, Agribusiness etc.
  • An individual can also pursue higher education in this field.
  • With the help of Artificial Intelligence and automation, we can create a good quality of products and provide solutions to various performance and quality-related problems.


On focusing on all the key parameters related to food technology sector like – Future Growth of sector, Scope, syllabus, Roles and responsibilities at various positions, salary package, and recruiters pursuing the course B.Sc. in Food technology is a good choice as it has job security, multiple opportunities and a flourishing, successful future.

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Kapil Dimri
Kapil Dimri
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