From using facial recognition to unlock the cell phone to voice-assisted apps for navigation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an ordinary part of human lives in the 21st century. In fact, the power of AI technology is being increasingly harnessed for the betterment of the society.  

Recently, a talented team of researchers comprising Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, Dr. Akansha Gupta and Dr. Vishal Gupta also employed the advanced technological innovation to develop an advanced Exercising System that has been granted patent by the Government of India under the Patents Act, 1970 for a period of 20 years. 

To be specific, the crew invented an AI based User Assistive Exercising System that automatically detects and relieves discomfort, fatigue or muscular pain. Furthermore, the system monitors the coordination of user’s hand and legs while performing exercise and improves it by alerting the user and assisting in performing the physical exercises correctly. 

The major components of the Exercising System include a motorized spring connecting a pair of supporters that, respectively, absorb and reduce strain on the knee muscles, tendons and ligaments during exercise; a set of sensors that detects movement of the user’s knee along with muscle strain, pain and fatigue; a pair of touch interactive wearable band that allows the user to perform exercise of preference; a chamber filled with ginger and orange oil that are released on signal of pain for a therapeutic effect ; a heating unit  that provides relief to the user upon the detection of pain; a vibrating unit to alert the user for correcting motion of the knee and hand; and most importantly, a microcontroller equipped with artificial neural network and artificial intelligence protocols that activates and controls the operation of the vibrating unit, oil chamber, heating unit, and motorized spring. Apart from this, a voice recognition unit is also installed within one of the bands to allow the user to provide voice commands for selecting the exercise as well as for activating/deactivating heating unit along with expansion/contraction of the spring.  

The invention will prove to be a major boon for thousands of individuals who are unable to exercise due to arthritis, paralysis and neuro disorders. In fact, this was what inspired the scientific endeavour at Graphic Era. The Exercising System will surely improve their health and quality of life by helping them overcome the hassles of exercise, prevent injuries and recover smoothly.  

It is worth a special mention that the societally relevant and impactful project was carried out under the leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Ghanshala who is a leading expert in teaching of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and ‘C’ language and the dynamic Founder-President of Graphic Era Group of Institutions. Apart from him, the invention is the brainchild of Dr. Akansha Gupta who is an Associate Professor of Computer Science Engineering at GEU and Dr Vishal Gupta who is a Freelance Energy Manager certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power. 

The patent bears testament to Graphic Era’s commitment to conducting cutting-edge research in diverse areas to advance knowledge and find solutions with direct, real-world impact. 

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