Economic strata play a vital role in any country’s development. For that matter, even corporate firms, business ventures, private and public institutions pay attention to the economic aspect in order to increase the profit margin and ensure growth. But not everyone can become an expert in understanding and influencing the economic trends in the market. For that, one must have a proper degree to become an economist. In this case what better than going for a BA in Economics!  

This 3- year course ensures that students are systematically taught about the production, distribution, conservation and allocation of limited resources and in conditions of scarcity in the society along with the organizational frameworks related to these processes. Students get an in-depth knowledge of the principles of economic theory, comparative economic systems, quantitative analytical methods, public policy issues and many more such topics which prove beneficial when they enter the professional world.

This course is an integration of mainly three domains that include Macro economics, Micro economic and Statistics at the most basic level. Macro economics deals with the study of economic conditions at the national and international levels. Whereas, Micro economics deals with the study of economic aspects at an individual level. Statistics aim at interpreting and comprehending date for better understanding in both the above-mentioned areas.

Aspirants having a commerce background with at least 55% marks in class 12th board examination can enroll themselves for this bachelor’s degree program. A career in Economics is extremely rewarding in today’s business scenario. Some of the greatest minds around the globe are either economics graduates or belong from an economics background. Scope for economics graduate students ranges from public to private firms. It can be seen that job opportunities in this sector are undoubtedly the best of both worlds.

For someone who is interested in pursuing a BA in Economics (Hons) must be aware of the job opportunities that one can look for after completing a bachelor’s degree, Don’t worry you get a lot of options to dwell on !!

Candidates who want to enter the corporate world can apply for the post of an economist in a corporate sector firm. Corporate sectors hire economists who can conduct research and coin policies as per the current economic trends.

Apart from this, you can even work as a researcher or policymaker. This graduation degree also enables you to serve as investment analyst and investment administrator who keep a check on the investments done by the organization in the market. Country’s finance ministry and central banks look for economists who have a sound knowledge of the economic theories and can create policies which can bring havoc changes as far as the economy is concerned.

Aspirants of civil services who have a knack for economics can target Indian Economics Services. Economists in this field play a crucial role in framing and implementing development policies across the country.

Also, one can opt for specialization in any of the interdisciplinary fields like Agriculture Economics, Financial Economics, Industrial Economics, etc.

Reasons to choose BA ECONOMICS(HONS):


Considering the fact that economists have a bright future, it is convenient to say that they certainly get placed in some of the big firms across the globe. Some of the top recruiting companies that hire BA Economics (Hons) graduates are Accenture, Capgemini, IBM group and Wipro technologies. With a fantastic pay scale, these companies offer you high-level job profiles.


There is an endless scope for a BA Economics (Hons) graduate. After completion of the undergraduate program, one can pursue higher studies and can even enter the research world thereafter. This field is not only limited to the corporate world, one can try their hands in academic areas which means that they can serve as a teacher or professor in any educational institution. Also, a sound knowledge of economic aspects will prove to be an aid if one wants to crack civil service examinations.


We as individuals are surrounded by economics around us. Thus, studying this particular subject will enable the student to not only get good opportunities but will be deep and clear understanding of economic concepts on an individual level.

So far, we have discussed all the possibilities and opportunities that this course will create for students and it happens to occur a very promising option for young minds interested in economics. Definitely, you can pursue BA in economics to have a thriving career.

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