“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough — it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing”

Steve Jobs

Living in the 21st century demands people with technological excellence…but is that sufficient? Is it sufficient that we as a society only consider technical prowess equivalent to intellect?

Have we ever tried to think, if one day everything were to be automated- robots everywhere… robots as friends, workforces across the globe being replaced by artificial intelligence- no empathy, no compassion, no space for emotions?

How will the world look like I wonder??

A world without a study of Liberal Arts and Humanities!!!

Our obsession with success and our lust for money have internalized the superiority of technical courses over humanities and liberal arts – so much so that we fail to recognize that we SHALL ALWAYS be humans with a natural love for art- be it music, dance or literature!

Then why do we ignore our passion for the arts?

Now, some people might say, it’s your future, take a wise decision.

But isn’t wise a relative term? The great Shakespeare once said- “Humans are the masters of their own destiny” It is after all your life!

A career in Fine Arts and Humanities- is that possible?

If one is consciously aware that one has a creative bent of mind and is not afraid to choose an “untraditional” course of study, then Humanities and Liberal Arts is a right career option!

What stops a person from opting for it is the fear of not getting paid as high as doctors or engineers but it is to be thought that Sunder Pichai didn’t become what he is today in one day. It is with perseverance and hard work along with a pinch of analytical thinking that an individual creates history!

Slow and steady wins the race-Starting with the opportunities available at your disposal with majors in this could range from Teaching, Anchoring, Content Writing, Journalism, Author, Musician, Artist, Designing, Event Management, Law, Civil Services, etc. handling today’s biggest social and technical challenges requires the ability to think critically about their human context, these are the skills that humanities graduates happen to be best taught to do.

A technical degree is very important, no doubt denying that, but the sense of peace that comes from music, arts, literature, and psychology provides a big advantage in life as it is soothing. Social Science majors who have studied the Enlightenment or the rise and fall of the Mauryan Empire gains an insight into the human elements of technology and the importance of its uncertainty. A psychologist is more likely to know how to encourage people and to understand what people want than is an engineer who has worked only in the technology world. A musician or artist is conquerer in a world in which you can 5D-print anything that you can imagine.

Soft skills, monitoring, sympathy, and logical approach: These valuable and frequently underscored skills have everyday names. They are the basic skills that allow us to learn in solidarity and work efficiently with other people. They are the skills that strengthen our chances of succeeding. They are the qualities of leadership. Researches show that these foundational skills are also known as ‘mix of skills’ would grab 2.4 million jobs in the upcoming 4-5 years. Global capacities such as cultural awareness, usage of language, and adapting to the changing world will be in demand. Virtually all job openings will emphasize judgment and decision-making and more than one third will value an ability to manage a team and resources available at your disposal.

So how can I make a lucrative career in Humanities and Liberal Arts?

Well by making the right choices of course! And the place of study becomes ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT CHOICES WE MAKE IN LIFE!

Being a student of humanities myself from a top private deemed university in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. I can talk about how my college has made me a better individual and enabled me to become more successful

Graphic Era never measures a student with the traditional “Good Grades Yardstick”- after all, where does this stick begin and end?

If you are a good student, irrespective of your study of choice, or if you are someone who dreams of achieving greater heights [I came in the latter category of young dreamers]- a place such as Graphic Era truly enables you- be it in terms of scholarships, or the amazing guidance, faculty, and mentors you come across, access to pristine infra and a campus that encourages creative thought. A stroll through the best campus in the world- I shall always stand firm on this assertion and I am talking about Graphic Era here– is all one needs to be rejuvenated with fresh thoughts and ideas.

And in case you wonder what makes this place so dynamic- well it flows right from the TOP!

The President of the Graphic Era Group, Prof Kamal Ghanshala, is himself a charismatic personality and tries to look at everything from a student’s perspective – and that’s what has made my journey, as I am certain it shall yours, a truly unique experience forever etched in memory!

So why Graphic Era?

The University has the objective to prepare students for multiple career fields and help them to flourish intellectually. They offer a varied number of courses, BA Economics (Hons) and BA Psychology (Hons) and BA Political Science( Hons), BA English (Hons), Visual Arts, Integrated law Course, Fashion Designing, etc. The University is committed to producing real-time professionals who have in them the ability to think from a multitude of angles, knowledge of politics, economics, society, and cross-cultural forces and events that shape our world. They believe in creating an interesting

ambiance where students see themselves as active learners and understand how the world function in local and global settings.

Still uncertain- well here’s how I leave you guys…

Scott Hartley through his book, The Fuzzy and the Techie wanted to share with India that no matter what you’ve studied, what is your stream background, there is a very real, and very important, role for youngsters to play in future’s tech economy. Our technology is designed t to provide us with great hope rather than fear, and we require policymakers, teachers, modern parents, and active students to recognize this false bifurcation between becoming technically capable, and building on our most important skills as human beings.

Hence, Humanities and Liberal Arts shall always play a pivotal role in shaping the world.

Still not convinced- hey don’t forget that bureaucrats, people in defense, policymakers, lawmakers are in the position that they are because they managed to clear the exam which had 80% of questions from humanities, social sciences, aptitude, and liberal arts.

In our increasingly evolving, globalized world, liberal arts, and humanities produce critical thinkers who have the confidence and flexibility to continually learn new skills and material. Hence in Albert Einstein’s words, “The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think” and Humanities and Liberal Arts enhances your observation powers and makes you an individual who naturally acquires an Active Mindset without the blindfold of prejudices. So, what are you waiting for? Become the creator of your destiny and explore this world with a degree as equivalent to Compassion and Feelings.

Author – Shagun Aggarwal (BA English Hons Student)

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4 years ago

Literary thoughts has well been translated into words! Keep it up Shagun .

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