B.Tech Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics is a 4- year-long undergraduate program. In each semester, students are taught about different components of mechanical and electronics engineering and how well they are interlinked with each other. The minimum eligibility to opt for this course is a 10+2 / Higher Secondary qualification with Biology/ Maths, Chemistry, and Physics as main subjects.

Mechatronics engineering is a field of engineering that blends bits of software of mechanical and electronics engineering. The program starts with the knowledge of physics and mathematics and slowly builds the concept of electronics, mechanics, and software this leads to more complicated projects in the second and third year where students are responsible for all levels from conception design and fabrication of projects that link with the industry and teach you.

For instance, all the big companies are making games and toys for people, The applications of robotics/electromechanical engineering/mechatronics can be found in various everyday devises and systems like cell phones, drones, etc as it is full of sensors such as gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.

What are the career options after B.Tech Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics

In this era, the people having extra skills are appreciated as they could reduce the no of employees needed for a job as he could do the work of two people. In the case of mechatronics, the engineer has the knowledge of both mechanical and electronics engineer, so is recruited by companies for the cost-cutting. The industry has a lot of job profiles to offer in industries like Robotics, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Manufacturing such as design, research and development, sales, production management, safety, and quality department

Some of the well-known companies that recruit successful graduates of B. Tech in Mechatronics Engineering are as follows: Google, HYUNDAI, TATA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), FIAT, Apple, etc.

Reasons to choose B.Tech Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics

In India over 10 lacks students select different engineering courses each year, after passing with science stream from class 12. Most of them have no much knowledge about the field of mechatronics. That’s the reason so many children opt for the wrong course and then regret it. In this article, you will know the reason’s proving the advantage of taking this course. I’ve mentioned some advantages of pursuing this course so that everybody should we aware of the current market and the advantages of taking mechatronics. This post has been written keeping engineering education aspirants in mind, who are keen on pursuing a mechatronics course.


Most of the engineering aspirants are monotonous when it comes to choosing the course. In India, most of the engineering aspirants end up choosing traditional branches. Because of the market trends and peer pressure, while having no interest in that particular branch which creates overcrowding in a branch and people are left unemployed.

Talking about mechatronics is comparatively new and no. of colleges offering this course are few. So the job opportunities are many and are ever-increasing.


Mechatronics has wide areas of applications. Many engineering branches have fewer areas of application. But this field has got loads to offer. Some of the well-known areas of applications are

Nanotechnology-  it includes basic applications in robotics, sensors, semiconductor materials and devices, automobiles, portable electronic devices, and displays

Biomedical systems- it is used for utilizing mechatronics to design innovative, accurate, and intelligent medical devices and optimize conventional medical instruments.

Automation- it is used in automation like automatic air conditioning systems, security systems, automatic door systems, etc.

Robotics-it is used in developing technology of robots, and their design and manufacture

Computer Science– The Engineers design and build systems that have highly intelligent software like robots, automated guided systems, computer-integrated manufacturing or other “smart” devices.


Due to the dual nature of the degree, this course is demand in almost all the industry. This is not something that engineering graduates from all other branches get to enjoy! Due to this versatility and acquisition of multiple skills and varied knowledge, mechatronics graduates get an edge over core engineers.


After completing an undergraduate level mechatronics course, graduates have the choice to choose from either branch after doing mechatronics and pursue the same on a higher level by taking a PG course. There are many specializations a student can make a carrier in Nanotechnology, Robotics, etc.


Indian students looking to build their careers abroad will love this point. Industry such as robotics, nanotechnology, and biomechatronics are in huge demand in such a country. Nanotechnology and robotics are very necessary for the development of a country. As the mechatronics engineers are few, candidates having potential often get a job abroad.

Altogether mechatronics has emerged out to be a fruitful branch. In the span of a very short time, it has laid its feet strong in the industry. There is various application of this branch in industry, that’s the reason its starting package starts from 3 lacs and went up to 6 lacs for a fresher.it is a lucrative engineering branch in the current scenario.

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