Are you a creative thinker who thrives on challenges? Do machines that fly intrigue you? Do you aspire to soar high in thrilling industries that offer a secure and well-paid career? Well, if you are nodding excitedly to all these questions, then Aerospace Engineering might be your calling! 


Aerospace engineering is a highly specialised branch of Mechanical Engineering concerned with the design, testing, manufacture, deployment and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, and related systems & equipment that operate in earth’s atmosphere or outer space.  

The captivating field of study comprises two overlapping branches: Aeronautical Engineering (science behind atmospheric flight vehicles) & Astronautical Engineering (science behind space flight vehicles).  

Aerospace engineers choose a speciality within the field such as structural design, production, communication and instrumentation, robotics, combustion, navigation, guidance and control, etc., and specialise in a particular product of aerospace industry like rockets, missiles, spacecraft, gliders, helicopter, military fighter jet or commercial spacecraft. For instance, some aerospace engineers design fighter jets while some develop technology to repair/refuel satellite in space.  

Depending upon their area of interest & specialization, they become experts in aerodynamics, celestial machines, propulsion, thermodynamics, acoustics, or control systems. 


Aerospace engineers are engaged in a challenging field of science that requires them to have sound computing and technological talents along with a knack for creativity, accuracy and forward thinking and sound computing and technological talents.  An aerospace engineer has to design, develop, test and troubleshoot various advanced technologies in spacecraft, aviation and defense systems. Apart from these, the duties of the aerospace engineers include (but are not limited to): 

  • Examining proposals and design requirements 
  • Conducting theoretical and practical research 
  • Assessing the technical and financial feasibility of projects 
  • Formulating and ensuring products meet quality control standards 
  • Evaluating and improving performance of aircrafts, spacecraft and related equipment 
  • Identifying/ fixing problems with manufacturing processes and malfunctioning products 


Be it working in a commercial airline sector to make flights for safer, fuel efficient and environment friendly or developing missiles, rockets and more for national defence, an Aerospace Engineer finds employment opportunities in private and public industries, such as technology, aircraft, defense, federal government, etc. In fact, Aerospace Engineers majorly work in the government agencies and manufacturing industries. Some of the major recruiters of aerospace engineering graduates are:  

  • Defence ministry 
  • Airlines  
  • Research and development organizations 
  • Aviation companies 
  • Corporate research firms 
  • Consulting firms 
  • Colleges & Universities 

A few reputed government organizations that hire aerospace engineering graduates are: Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Boeing, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Ministry of Civil Aviation Department. While some renown private companies that recruuit aerospace engineers in India include TATA, Mahindra Aerospace, Agnikul Cosmos, Bellatrix Aerospace, Reliance Aerospace, Godrej Aerospace​, Skyroot Aerospace. 


  • GEU stands tall as a NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council) ‘A+’ accredited university that is ranked amongst the top 75 universities of India by NIRF (AIR 64 in Engineering Category, AIR 65 in Management Category, and AIR 74 in University Category).  
  • GEU is the only university in the region that has been conferred NBA Accreditation for 6 engineering programs, namely, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Biotechnology Engineering.  
  • GEU is placed in Rank Band 601-800 worldwide in the University category & Rank Band 301-400 in the Engineering   category by Time Higher Education World Ranking 2023.  
  • GEU is rated Diamond Category and its Engineering Programs in Platinum Category by QS I-Gauge. 
  • GEU is recognised in the ‘Excellent’ band under the category “University & Deemed to be University (Private/Self-Financed) (Technical)” by the Government of India in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA), 2022. 

Conclusion: Once you graduate with a degree in Aerospace engineering from Graphic Era, you will not only be highly skilled but also high in demand. So, don’t delay your dreams anymore. Apply now at the best engineering college in Uttarakhand and unlock the door to your golden future. Admissions open! Hurry! 

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