B.Tech in ECE with the Internet of Things is a 4-year engineering course. The requirements for this course are that a student should have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects in 10+2 and have achieved 60% in the examination. This course deals with the concepts of hardware, signals, electronic devices, and communication.

Admission is based on entrance exams like Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) for premium engineering institutes. The other institutes have their entrance exam and admissions are merit-based.

Lateral Entry Admission is for students who have completed a 3-year diploma in the same course. They get direct admission in the second year of B.Tech in ECE with the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things also known as IoT is the latest development in the field of technology. It is a connection of physical devices like home appliances, vehicles with a network that controls it, or in simple words, it is called automation. The devices are becoming smaller day by day and the most complex operations are being designed on the smallest chip of the microcontroller. This is one of the biggest contributions of IoT. These developments are welcomed by the world and there is a curiosity among the new generation to gain knowledge about these developments.

B. Tech in ECE with IoT as specialization can be opted from the second year of Engineering. It gives knowledge to students how it is helping in projects like smart cities and the connected world. As the development is happening, the future will have every device running through software and microcontroller. The demand for highly trained professionals will be on the rise and learning this course will make you competent.  

On pursuing this course one learns to develop web applications using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data analytics is also a part of this course. It teaches a student to apply practical knowledge on microcontrollers, sensors, cloud computing. Job roles are changing with the environment and so an individual should update their skill sets and by adding the latest developments which leads to a secure future. 

Career Prospects of B.Tech in ECE with the Internet of Things

According to statista.com: 75.44 billion devices worldwide will be connected to IoT by 2025 which demonstrates that skilled humans will be required. Many companies and startups today have job opportunities related to IoT projects. According to payscale.com the average salary of a fresher after pursuing this course is 6lpa.

Top Companies that recruit are Microsoft, Apple, Google, ARM, Intel, Amazon, Qualcomm, GE Appliances, CISCO, Nokia, etc. IoT has entered into our daily lives through devices like smartwatches, smart meters, driverless cars. This complexity demands skilled manpower.

Scope in India and globally:

There is a need for automation these days with the changing work culture and lifestyle of humans. Humans feel that work happens by itself on a click of a button or a switch. Homes are automated, appliances are automated, and for the development and maintenance of these appliances, professionals are required. Industries are working on projects of IoT (Internet of Things) and are hiring professionals either fresher’s or experienced. The government of India has taken initiatives on using this technology for the development in the field of agriculture, Smart India and therefore the candidates specialized in this field have opportunities to work for the government.

IoT has created various job opportunities in the roles of Designer, Embedded Engineer, Network Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Data Scientist, UI Engineer, Data Architect, Mobile developer. According to LinkedIn, developers package ranges from 4LPA to 9LPA in various firms. As one rise in the career, the package becomes lucrative.

A student who has pursued this course has options to make his career in the above-mentioned domains. IoT is considered as one of the interesting domains today.  With technology, you can try your craziest scientific ideas and can be a leader for tomorrow. Ideas and technology when executed right creates wonders and the world appreciate. Your decision to choose this course can frame your future and career growth will be much better when compared to those who do not opt for this.

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