A B.Tech in ECE with a specialization in embedded systems and robotics – sounds good? Let’s dig deep.

As the hunt for the best course suited for you continues, we are here to explain why you should choose B.Tech in ECE with specialization in embedded systems and robotics. First things first, let us understand what is the thing we’re talking about?

What is B.Tech in ECE with a specialization in embedded systems and robotics?

ECE is one of the core branches of engineering today and quite a popular option amongst students. Think about it, where do you not find ECE? The concepts are applied in varied fields like the design of microprocessors which are used by our computers. So you know how big the industry is, right?

Similarly, embedded systems are, as they sound, something that is attached to something. They are used to control and access data in systems. They have a single chip microcontroller and microprocessors.

Say, for example, a fire alarm- an important embedded system.

Next, when we talk about robotics, it needs no introduction as now we are using robots for almost everything. With human intelligence increasing every day, robots are used to reduce manpower, increase efficiency, decrease cost and whatnot.

So when we talk about this specialization, they are going to be the future engineers who will hence be responsible for designing and implementing projects which make the future of the EC industry.

Now that you have an idea about what this specialization is, let’s dig deep into what these fields have something to your benefit!

Careers in B.Tech in ECE with specialization in embedded systems and robotics

Suppose you choose this degree and imagine the scenario of your last year in engineering. The options available in front of you are :

System firmware engineer  Develop the software meant for managing the electronic devices.Proficient in programming language and applications. Communication skills.
Test managerEvaluation of the capability of programCommunication skills. Sound knowledge of softwares and practical skills.
Embedded design engineerDesigning, developing , producing and testign of embedded systems.Coding(C/C++), robotic skills, microcontroller ecosystems like Arduino and NodeMcu.
Embedded developerWrite codes to make devices used in variety of industriesCoding(C/C++),Communication skills, Collaboration with hardware developers
B.Tech ECE Career Options

How do you know this course is for you?

Are you someone who is in love with details? Or do you find it interesting to understand the design and development of embedded systems?

Well, this career is best suited for people who want to ditch a boring career and make a challenging one. Also, a plus point is the individuals having a love for the defense are best suitable.

Why choose B.Tech in ECE with specialization in embedded systems and robotics as a career option?

Now that we know what an embedded system is, what is robotics and what all you can do in this field let us decide why you should choose it?

1. A plethora of companies on the hunt for the qualified engineers out there!

Talking about companies, these are some big firms always welcoming EC engineers with the required skills- TCS, L&T, IBM, Infosys, Volvo, Tech Mahindra. Well these companies always need engineers to do the skillful work and who knows you could be that capable engineer !

2. Embedded systems and robotics for real-time applications

We need them both for various applications. Let us understand them to give you an idea:

A. Rash driving- how many of you are unaware of how rash people can be out there on roads? I guess none. So with the help of embedded systems and robotics, we design a speed-checker device having the capability to identify rash driving and alarms if done so. Hence, the social effect!

B. Vehicle tracking – we are all well aware of the GPS facility and hence it is used to find the exact location of a vehicle. This, in turn, helps reduce vehicle thefts. The microcontroller is having a Keil software and checks the GPS modem. The GPS modem sends a message to a mobile already defined to store the data.

C. Home automation – the thing we are all amazed by! How amazing it is that everything in our homes happens automatically at our voice command. Just pick up your smart-phone or any Android OS based device to send the on/off signals to the receiver. All thanks to this new technology!

The projects do good to mankind and ensure that the technology advancement proposes the best output possible!


If you are in search of something interesting, challenging, exciting and with a learning edge then you should choose this specialization. Else, everyone else is doing the ordinary, we wish you to be different!

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