Choosing Electrical Engineering- The Best Career Option

Living in a world full of technocrats, it becomes difficult to choose a wise career option especially in the field of engineering. In the area of engineering there comes a choice of the electrical engineering field, where people have the scope of b-tech in electrical engineering from the automobile industry to the government electrical department. Let’s know more about the field of electrical engineering. 

What is B-tech in Electrical Engineering?

 Electrical engineering is concerned with the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of electrical, electronic, communications, and computer systems equipment, facilities, and systems. Such activities will include the generation of electricity, transmission, distribution, electrical installations in buildings and industrial sites, the manufacture of electrical equipment, industrial applications of instrumentation and control systems, communications networks, electronic plants and equipment, and also the integration and control of computer systems.


In simple words, it can be said that the- Electrical Engineering is the engineering branch that deals with electricity technology. Electrical engineers work on a wide range of materials, equipment and systems, from light bulbs to massive transformers, engines, motors etc.

What exactly does one learn in Electrical Engineering?

Here comes the first question that is, why electrical engineering? So giving you a brief idea of all four years in just a few lines.

  • How electrical energy is transmitted?
  • How the transmission and distribution protection scheme is designed?
  • How measuring instruments operate?
  • How do AC circuits function on different charges?
  • How to save electricity?
  • How to use electrical energy on AC machines and DC machines?
  • How does electrical equipment operate?

Answers for the above questions are given below. A student who believes in finding reasons behind the existence of electricity then he/she is welcome in the field of Electrical Engineering.

The electrical engineering field covers a wide range of industries, including switchgear, power system, power safety system, power dynamics system, power operation system & power control, power system analysis & design, power quality, control system, PLC & SCADA, energy audit, electrical energy management, electrical machinery design, power system optimization, and lighting. These terminologies will look a little bit difficult to understand on one go but all the electrical engineering revolves around these terms and they are very easy when an individual becomes habitual of it. This field is very interesting where you find the reason for glowing of the bulb to the running of big giant industrial motors.

Why choose B-tech in Electrical Engineering?

  1. Electrical Engineers are always on Demand:-

It is always easy to find a job in the electrical engineering industry, whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned practitioner/experienced. It’s no wonder that the demand for electrical engineers has also risen with the rapid expansion of technologies.

  • More global opportunity than other branches:-

Being an electrical engineer opens up many doors for you, both locally and globally. Some companies outside the country need electrical engineers and most of them are open to hiring professionals from other countries. Many companies also allow you to fly abroad, so you’ll see the world while you get paid well. If you’re excited about working abroad, then that’s the way forward.

  • It Focuses on Future Technology:-

Innovation is growing rapidly and thereby the role of electrical engineers is becoming more important. We are at the forefront of the development of new technologies in various industries such as robotics, transport, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Talking about robotics, every country is spending billion dollars on the research of robots. Because robots are considered as the future helping hand for humans. Nowadays in schools and colleges, we have robotics workshop and classes as due to the high demand of this field.

The heart of the invention is electrical engineering. It’s one of the reasons we can use technology in our daily lives.

  • Great demand in PSUs:-

The main scope of b-tech in electrical engineering is in PSUs. Electrical engineers are mostly demanded by the PSUs. If an individual wants to join government sector then this is the best field. Most of the student goes to IES (Indian Engineering Services) after doing B-tech in electrical engineering. If you want to enjoy the perks of government job then go for electrical engineering.

Scope of b-tech in Electrical Engineers :

There are jobs for electrical engineer in every field. As for where there is electricity, there is an electrical engineer. It’s not about hunting for jobs but gaining the proper skill set. Below listed are the few main jobs an electrical engineer looks for:-

  1. Engineer in the energy sector:-

Main duties include designing, evaluating, securing and installing all of an electrical plant’s components, such as switchgear, transformers, motors, cables, generators, and improving electrical generation.

  • Naval Engineer:-

Marine electrical engineers build ship engines and manage all types of vessels with electrical and electronic engineering activities, maintenance and repairs on turbines, motors, transformers and emergency power systems.

  • Automotive Engineer:-

Electrical engineers in the automotive sector handle the development, operation, maintenance, and testing of all the equipment, instruments, and components of a car involving electric power. Automotive Electrical Engineers are responsible for engine controls, safety systems such as air-bags and anti-lock brakes, battery, motor, radio, navigation systems, electrical locks, electric windows, etc.

  • Oil and gas engineer:-

Electrical engineers are responsible for the design and maintenance of electrical systems and refinery components within the oil and gas industry. Additionally, they must ensure that all components meet the correct safety and efficiency standards.


All the major things have been covered in the article above. If you like finding reasons and working behind the big electric motors and other machines then Electrical engineering is the best field for you. It is one of the evergreen branches. Most of the students go for this branch is because of high paid government jobs and global exposure. If talking about the scope of b-tech in electrical engineering, every organization in this world requires an electrical engineer; this is the reason for the existence of ample opportunities for jobs in this field. Make your decision as per your interest and think out of the box

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