Mankind has relied on plants to meet their healthcare needs since ages. Even in the recent times, the use of herbal drugs is witnessing a tremendous rise despite the remarkable technological and medical revolutions. Thus, giving due focus to the process involved in its development becomes imperative for sustainable development. 

A few years back, a team of researchers comprising of Dr. Pankaj Gautam (HOD, Life Sciences) and PhD scholars Swati Joshi, Payal Gupta and Sakshi Painuly, led by Prof. Navin Kumar (HOD, Biotechnology), collaborated with scientists from Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied sciences (DRDO), Delhi, Dr. Kshipra Misra and Dr. Rajkumar Tulswani with the goal to improve the process of extraction of phytoactive compounds, which plays an important role in development and determination of the quality and cost of herbal/ayurvedic drugs, from plants.  

Their efforts bore fruit in form of invention pertaining to the process for obtaining polyphenolic rich extract (important phytoactive compounds responsible for medicinal properties) from leaves of Elaeocarpus sphaericus. The invention was granted patent by the government of India in 2014 under the Patents Act, 1970 for a period of 20 years. 

In particular, the talented crew of inventors developed an improved process of extraction by applying high pressure at room temperature on plant material for better lysis of plant cells so that the yield of extraction can be increased. Silica powder (diatomaceous earth) was also mixed with powdered leaves in a definite proportion which caused the uniform pressurization resulting in higher yield of the phytoactive compounds. Notably, previous studies had shown that the conventional methods for extraction of phytoactive compounds, Soxhlet extraction (exposure of plant material to high temperature) & Maceration (extraction at room temperature), for instance, resulted in poor yield.  

This patent has again cemented Graphic Era’s position as home of research and innovation & fulfilled the university’s vision of cultivating new forms of knowledge.  

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