Throughout our lives, we have heard that time is precious and should not be taken for granted. Therefore, when it comes to curing a disease, one should do anything but delay its diagnosis and treatment. Presently, the treatment of typhoid is often delayed due to the inefficiency of the Widal Test used for typhoid diagnosis. Graphic Era Deemed to be University recognised the dire need for a new typhoid detection technology as the typhoid virus is widespread in developing nations. Moreover, according to medical professionals, typhoid is endemic in India, with an estimated 4.8 million cases yearly. 

The researchers at Graphic Era Deemed to be University took a quantum leap by launching VANSCAN Typhoid RT PCR Test, collaborating with the new, Delhi-based Vanguard Diagnostics. This new technology is a rapid diagnostic test that can detect the presence of the bacteria that causes typhoid fever, and it is significantly faster than the currently available diagnostic methods.   

This technical collaboration highlights that one achieves great heights when academics meet the medical industry. It is worth mentioning that while the world’s current typhoid detection techniques can only target Salmonella typhi, VanScan, the world’s first RT-PCR typhoid test kit, gives 100% accurate results based on the patented technology that can screen for both Salmonella typhi and Salmonella para typhi, the two typhoid-causing bacteria.  

On 25th April, the Central Government registered a patent in the name of Graphic Era for the new and accurate technique of testing typhoid. Later, Graphic Era signed an MoU with Vanguard Diagnostics to make kits based on this new technology that would be available worldwide.  Dr Veena Kohli, CEO of Vanguard Diagnostics in New Delhi, and Dr HN Nagaraja, Vice Chancellor, signed the MoU for Graphic Era Deemed University. At the inaugural ceremony, the inventors of this cutting-edge technology, Dr Naveen Kumar, Dr Nishant Rai and Dr Ashish Thapliyal, represented Graphic Era University; and Anil Kumar Birmani with Rahul Thakur were present on behalf of Vanguard Diagnostics.  

Later, Ms Veena Kohli, CEO of Vanguard Diagnostics, introduced the RT-PCR typhoid test kit during the 28th International Exhibition and Conference of Medical Fair India, which featured 17 nations, at Pragati Maidan in Delhi.  

One must understand that medical breakthroughs highlight the importance of giving back to the world, as they are often the result of collaborative efforts between researchers, healthcare professionals, and philanthropic organisations. The President of Graphic Era Group Of Institutions, Prof Kamal Ghanshala, believes that the invention of the VANSCAN Typhoid RT-PCR Test by Graphic Era’s researchers highlights that by investing in research and development, supporting education and training, and advocating for equitable access to healthcare, we can continue to make significant progress. 

Technological advancements have revolutionised the medical field and impacted our approach to disease treatment and prevention. The new developments have allowed researchers to understand diseases better, diagnose them earlier and devise more effective treatments. These advancements have also led to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. We can expect even more breakthroughs in the coming years to ultimately lead a healthier, more prosperous life. 

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