Regardless of what people say, mere studying cannot lead to good scores in exams. We believe improving the way one studies is the perfect key to master the art of efficient preparation but that in itself can be a big challenge, right? So, let us walk you through a few tricks will come in handy especially now when examinations are right around the corner:  

  • The information is stored in the brain as keypoints, diagrams and pictures. Thus, one must connect all the knowledge that he/she has acquired using a mindmap, which is a visual design of key ideas and concepts spread radially around a central topic. It makes synthesis of different topics, retention and retrieval of data, easy.  
  • Cellphones can be the biggest enemy while studying because it not only distracts but breaks the flow and chain of thoughts that a student very painstakingly comes by! The solution to this can be switching it off or putting it in a separate room. You can however, reward yourself with some cellphone time after studying for a considerable time. 
  • Long hours of studying do not guarantee retention of information. Eyes glued on the books with an inactive, exhausted or sleepy mind will only drain you out and lead to more stress and frustration. In fact, researchers say that taking breaks periodically makes one more productive. Recharge your mind with a short nap or brief walk.  
  • However, one must follow the breaks with a brain dump. Pen down all that you remember from the study session and assess your performance from time to time. This activity is bound to improve your concentration and memorizing power.  
  • Don’t test your luck by leaving it to last minute cramming. Start early! However, if you land yourself in this risky situation, prioritize the harder topics and what you don’t know rather than minor details.  
  • Understand the format of the exam, budget your exam time according to the different sections. If your professor provides practice exams, use them to your advantage!  
  • Pulling an all-nighter will not help you ace the test simply because your mind isn’t wired to retain vast amount of information on no sleep. 

Study smarter, not-longer is the motto you must go by. And for that, all you need is a little tweak in your study habits!  

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