Students are the future of a nation. So the contribution of a student is very important. If a student progresses in his/her field, it will directly help uplift and empower the nation.

As it was well said that, an Investment in education yields the highest returns, so student life is the most creative one as it is a period of real development.

Being a student, I have various thoughts in mind for contributing to my nation. 

The five ways that I’ve figured out are:

  1. Developing my skills and search for fresh fields of interest: Apart from regular studies, I keep constantly searching and exploring the advancement in my field of interest. And in this search, I found it that internships are now a new culture. Here you can learn by your mistakes with no penalty, as the sole purpose is to make the intern industry-ready. Another most important thing is to learn the system of finance as it is a life skill to earn and manage money. 
  • Working online: From the start of lockdown, we have lost several jobs, and very well-established businesses have collapsed like conventional methods of tutoring and many more like that. Physical presence is now less important. This has laid to an increased rate of unemployment. 
  • Challenging the conventional system: As a student, we have to transform the structure of the Education System while remaining in it. We have to challenge the unnecessary burdens that we have to face, which are not leading us to any advancement in our fields. We as a country have always been deprived of the power that we have because of our human resources. We can create many magnificent things with our creativity. It will not only be beneficial for our country alone, but also to the entire human race.
  • Doing research: As it is a fact that now there is a less number of students taking part in the field of research, and now we can see that researchers are genuine heroes. We as students are an integral part of the development of the country. Innovations and upliftment of society are our responsibility. 
  • Get involved in social work: Right now everyone must contribute their help to fight against this crisis. Volunteering and providing the basic needs for poor people and the unfortunate, can improve the situation of our nation in no time.

It is a privilege that we can continue our studies even in this environment. Most of us have our stomachs filled and keep up our pace of learning continued so we can attain what we want. This is all because we are part of a nation where the contribution of one being gets distributed to the entire population. Whatever be your ideology, you should have an identity of Being Indian apart from your ethnicity, race, or religion. When you work with this thought, your mind-set will expand. As a brief, think globally and do locally.

Nation-building will surely benefit you. So when you develop a sense of patriotism you will conceive creative and innovative ways to help the society. You could write some novel ideas on a piece of paper every day and try to implement them. 

India is an enormous country in contrast to the others. Be it the density of population, the cultural diversity, or economy, India is a huge market wherein every country wants to sell their product. And since the large mass of our population thinks more like a consumer instead of a producer, we lack competition in our market and have to import most products that are commonly used. So a culture of entrepreneurship should be developed here as we wish to progress as a developed nation. 

Author: Akshat Sati

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