It is no secret that engineering stands at the top of the list of the most respected and admired careers in our country. That is why, young children being advised, encouraged, coaxed and even forced to pursue engineering is a story of every second Indian family. However, one often feels confused, insecure and uncertain about the prospects of engineering in light of mixed signals that are sent by the reports that sometimes paint a gloomy and sometimes a rosy picture for engineers. For instance, a report once claimed that 20-30% of the 1.5 million engineers who graduate in India every year run the risk of not getting employment. More recently, a report by Wheebox and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has proclaimed that 40% of employers across the wide range of industries want engineers on their rolls and the demand is expected to increase by 10%.  

To navigate their way out of the sea of contradictory reports, students must study the job market and industry insights, trends & advancements and choose the engineering discipline as per the demand of the market and performance of the industry they are interested to work in. To elucidate, right now the industries are on the cusp of 4.0 transformation as the proliferation of technology and digitization has and will continue to reshape the global job market. McKinsey Global Report suggests that digital technologies have the potential to create whopping 65 million jobs in India by 2025. This means the demand for tech professionals is going to swing up by many notches in foreseeable future.  World Economic Forum has projected Software Engineers, Data Analyst, Marketing Specialist, Data Scientist, and Machine Learning Engineers to be the top 5 emerging jobs in India.  Profiles like Application Software Developer, System Software Developer, Security Engineers and QA Engineers are also likely to experience booming career trajectory (McKinsey Global report). 

That being said, it is perfectly natural if you’re still having a hard time believing this projection. Any individual who is seriously considering engineering as a career path would want these arguments to be substantiated with facts. These are mere forecasts without any guarantee, after all. To assuage these reservations, let us see what all actually transpired in the employment sector of engineering in 2021-22. Well, there was a 300% spike in hiring for engineering job roles in India. Engineering graduates with specialisation in Software, Aerospace, Biotech, Biomedical, Mechanical and Civil witnessed a considerable spike in hiring. Also, recruitment was highly in favour of freshly minted graduates than experienced ones with a ratio of 3:1.  


Engineering continues to be a promising career path for students with the current trend inching towards IT and automation and the traditional fields maintaining their stronghold and demand in the market. The job profiles mentioned in the article are some of the most in-demand engineering jobs in India and pursuing them is as safe a bet one could hope for.   

You can kick-start your engineering journey with one of the best engineering college in Dehradun, Graphic Era Deemed to be University (GEU). GEU is the only university in the regions that offers 6 NBA accredited engineering programs namely Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.  Also, it is a NAAC ‘A+’ accredited university and has been ranked among the top 100 universities in India for three consecutive years by NIRF. It also boasts recognitions from prestigious organizations like QS I-Gauge, ARIIA, Institute of Engineers, Computer Society of India, Indian Society of Technical Education, and more, for its brilliance in upholding the highest standards of education. 

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