The job market is ever-changing; there are certain careers that are gaining more momentum while some are losing edge. In such a volatile scenario, nonetheless, there are certain skills that have maintained or established their stronghold and are highly sought after by employers. These skills can improve individual’s marketability, help them thrive in the workplace and insure their career. So without any further ado, let us have a look at the in-demand skills that can make a huge difference in one’s career advancement.

Project management: Even though the new, technology-driven industrial revolution is picking up pace, project management is a skill that will never run out of vogue. Project management is basically an umbrella term for leadership, planning, communication, etc., and is crucial for the smooth functioning of a business. Almost employee will find himself/herself in a position wherein he/she will be required to take the reins of the project and thus, is a skill that must be cultivated one way or the other because it doesn’t matter how smart a machine is, there are things that they cannot do.

Digital skills: Online communication has become an indispensable part of work life as almost all companies have digitized their operations or atleast adopted digital platforms as the medium of communication. Therefore, by becoming digitally literate, you will not only be improving the chances of their employability but also preparing yourself for a smooth work life. We are sure you would not want to be caught up in the time delays, missed deadlines, unmute/mute yourself scenario, etc. Plus, if you are proficient in digital marketing, there is nothing like it!  
According to the analysis of Google Trends search data by Preply, digital marketing skills is one of the top trending job skills. Digital marketing is relatively a new opportunity that has come up in the face of technological revolution. Long story short, digital marketers are experts who are responsible for leveraging technology to provide customers with an edge over their competitors by maintaining a strong digital presence of their brand. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Digital Marketing amalgamates a variety of other fields starting with content writing, copywriting, search engine optimization, web and graphic designing data and analytics, social media marketing, customer relationship management and more.  

Critical thinking and Problem-Solving: Like every other journey, one will encounter a variety of challenges in one’s career. Companies look for candidates who can master such challenges and resolve the issue in an effective and timely manner by coming up with feasible solutions, making informed decisions and innovating. An employee who can constantly demonstrate that they possess problem solving skills and can do so independently is likely to be in the business for the long run.  That being said, resilience, teamwork, collaboration, agility and the skill adapt as per the need of the situation are also dearly treasured by the company and can prove steppingstone in one’s career graph.  
Keep learning: These were a few general in-demand skills for the career advancement of any individual. One must try to cultivate these skills to give a push to their career growth.  

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