At a time when binging on junk food whenever one is hit by mid-meal craving or untimely hunger pangs has become a cause of major health issues, two students of Graphic Era Deemed to be University have come up with a healthy alternative to fill one up with the nutrition required by the body without letting an ounce of guilt trouble the body, mind or soul! 

Aqueel Ur Rehman and Harshvardhan Singh, fourth year Biotech Engineering students at Graphic Era launched protein rich, sugar-free cookies under their start-up, Nutri Food Company, which aims to come up with healthy food alternatives. 
This baked concotion, ‘Nutri boost cookies’ of the Graphic Era students shall supply the required quantities of dietary fiber and protein without compromising on taste and flavor. The surveys conducted by the budding entrepreneurs showed that many people couldn’t tell that the fortified cookies did not contain sugar. 
Commenting on the multiple benefits of their product, the young entrepreneurs of Graphic Era said that, “Our flagship product Nutri Boost Cookies has proven to be a viable alternative to complete meals as they have enough nutrients to fulfill the optimal dietary needs of the body. Our Cookies contain 0-gram sugar which makes it extremely viable for the geriatric community suffering from diabetes. Also the high protein content makes it an easy buy for the gym going community.” 

The Nutri Boost Cookies venture is another testament to Graphic Era’s commitment to providing an encouraging environment to its students so that they can enjoy a broader educational experience through the practical application of textbook knowledge.  

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