The ongoing land subsidence crisis in Joshimath has posed a colossal threat to the life of the people in the region. The residents are not only coping with the loss of homes and livelihoods but also with the loss of access to education, something that can have severe and lasting effect on the future of their children and consequently, of the nation. Though the government is taking suitable measures to mitigate the impact, Graphic Era Group of Institutions has also joined the movement and taken the baton to secure the future of the youth of what is now being labelled as ‘the sinking town.’ 

Graphic Era has announced 100 seats with a provision of 100% free education for the candidates hailing from the tragedy-struck Joshimath in both Graphic Era Deemed to be University and Graphic Era Hill University (all campuses). The noble initiative will give young children who aspire to pursue engineering, management and other professional courses from a reputed college, a chance to transform their dreams into reality without any financial anxiety. 

“Education is not a privilege but a basic human right that must be protected at all costs. However, in a world marred by crisis, man-made or natural, guaranteeing this right often becomes difficult. It is in times like these that people must take onus of responsibility and come forward to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for those affected by such catastrophes,” commented Prof (Dr) Kamal Ghanshala, President, Graphic Era Group of Institutions.  

It is worth mentioning that Graphic Era has come to the aid of the disaster victims several times in the past on humanitarian grounds. For instance, the university had built a house for Soni Devi who was rendered homeless in Raini due to floods in Joshimath in 2021 and announced scholarships and fee waivers for students from disaster-hit areas of Kedarnath and Uttarkashi previously. 

“One of the defining values of Graphic Era is our commitment to ensure that talented students get the opportunity and tools to flourish in the world. We hope that Graphic Era’s decision to sponsor the education of children of the disaster hit Joshimath will ease their pain, brighten their future prospects and give them a reason to smile in these troubled times,” Hon’ble President also said. 

To conclude, we would say that education is a powerful tool which not only helps individuals to realise their potential and earn a livelihood but also empowers them to become responsible citizens, attain social justice and contribute to the progress of the society. Graphic Era’s steadfast and earnest efforts will surely achieve these ideals and help hundreds of students make the best of their lives. 

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