The advent of modern age is marked by the invention of electricity, a groundbreaking product of electrical engineering, that revolutionized human life and became an integral part of their existence. No wonder, electrical engineers have become crucial to keep the world running today. 

Simply put, Electrical Engineers work at the forefront of technology, innovate, architect, construct, manufacture and maintain the systems and devices we blindly use every day and fulfill the communication, energy and technological needs of the society. 

A degree in this domain is an excellent choice for those who have a knack for math, technology and science and harbor an interest for an exciting, creative and challenging career. Besides, it provides many other benefits that have potential to enrich your personal and professional life. Here are a few benefits of doing electrical engineering: 

  • High earning potential

One of the greatest benefits of doing electrical engineering is the high earning potential that it offers. Not only do Electrical engineers enjoy handsome packages in later phase of their career but also they begin their professional life on a high salary ladder, as a fresher with limited experience. Plus, many multi-national companies are always on a lookout for fresh electrical engineering graduates who can be groomed as per their requirements. This enables them gain practical exposure, add to their existing repertoire of knowledge, improve skillset and transition into experts with a good package in hand.  

  • Prestige:  

Another benefit of doing Electrical engineering is that it is considered one of the most high-profile and prestigious professions. The roots of electrical engineering can be traced to pioneers like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Samuel F. B. Morse, George Westinghouse, Philo T. Farnsworth, etc., whose inventions altered our way of life. Even today, electrical engineers have not ceased to innovate, raise the modernity quotient of the modern age and advance the society, and thus, have earned great respect, admiration and repute.   

  • Career Opportunities:  

The advancements in of technological and electrical sector has caused a steep demand for electrical engineers across the globe. The knowledge and skills they acquire over the course of four-year program are often sought by the international technology companies based out of their home nation, which frequently hire qualified candidates. This means that employment prospects of electrical engineering students are not confined to the country they graduate from. 

Electrical is a challenging and dynamic field which has a huge scope for innovation. Being an engineer of this promising stream doesn’t mean you have to spend your life changing bulbs, plugging/unplugging electronics, flipping switches, or repairing fuses. The analytical and problem thinking skills acquired as a result of academic and practical exposure during the course of the program enables one to work on such complex, real world problems, such that there is barely any room for monotony, boredom or static work. 

Electrical engineers are welcome in almost all industries and can choose to work in energy, tele-communication, transport, information technology, manufacturing, aerospace, etc., as per their interest.  

They have the freedom to work in different capacities as well. They can join public or private sectors as an employee or work independently as a consultant or an entrepreneur. There are a multitude of roles open for electrical engineering graduates in Production Plants, Electricity Board, Natural Gas Plants, Railways, Civil Aviation, Utility Companies, Research & Development Labs, etc. Some career paths for electrical engineering graduates are: Research Engineer, Project Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, System Engineer, Application Engineer, Control Engineer, Electrician Technician, Sustainability engineer, Instrumentation Engineer etc. 

Why Graphic Era University? 

  • GEU stands tall as a NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council) ‘A+’ accredited university that is ranked amongst the top 75 universities of India by NIRF (AIR 64 in Engineering Category, and AIR 74 in University Category).  
  • GEU is the only university in the region that has been conferred NBA Accreditation for 6 programs, namely, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Biotechnology Engineering.  
  • GEU is placed in Rank Band 601-800 worldwide in the University category & Rank Band 301-400 in the Engineering   category by Time Higher Education World Ranking 2023.  
  • GEU is rated Diamond Category and its Engineering Programs in Platinum Category by QS I-Gauge. 
  • GEU is recognized in the ‘Excellent’ band under the category “University & Deemed to be University (Private/Self-Financed) (Technical)” by the Government of India in Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA), 2022. 

Now that you’ve learnt about the immense benefits of doing electrical engineering, we would like to encourage you to explore your future in electrical engineering at Graphic Era Deemed to be University, the top-ranked university in Dehradun and realize your potential! 

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