Nowadays, MBA or Masters in Business Administration seems to have become a popular choice amongst the candidates who wish to go for higher studies and the consistently skyrocketing number of students opting for the program does seem to make one wonder: Why MBA? In this blog, we will try to answer this burning question by walking you through some of the most promising advantages of doing MBA: 

  1. Door to Immense Career Opportunities: By doing MBA, you can pursue a specialization that suits your aspiration yet remain open to a broad spectrum of career paths. This is because the study of subjects like human resource, finance, marketing, economics, etc., and inculcation of multi-faceted skills during the course of the program makes the graduate asset to diverse industries and qualified to pivot to a different role. In fact, it one of the few programs in which multi-disciplinary functions are given due focus. Thus, be it career switch, lateral entry, hike in salary, or promotion, MBA degree offers opportunities which are otherwise not easily available to candidates from a different educational background.
  2. Gives a Competitive Edge: MBA degree is a powerful differentiator that can set you apart from your peers and give you an upper hand against your competitors when applying for the same job. This benefit of MBA can be understood in the terms that an MBA Degree accords you credibility in the eyes of potential employers & helps you land good managerial and leadership positions. Not only is it a testimony of you being expert at what you do but also of your dedication and discipline. 
  • Many employees face glass ceiling as they are not able to move up the corporate ladder due to the lack of MBA degree. 
  • Also, investors are more likely to engage in business with entrepreneurs with MBA degree than those without one!

3. Acquire Transferable Skills: Another key benefit of MBA degree is that it has the potential to turbocharge one’s career and improve job- market versatility. This is because most of the knowledge and proficiencies acquired during the course of the program are relevant across myriad of industries, profiles and jobs. One gains skills like communication, creativity, leadership, collaboration, negotiation, critical and analytical thinking, cross-cultural awareness and many more, which are highly sought-after by employers irrespective of the nature of the industry. 

4. Ideal for Networking:  One of the most underrated advantage of MBA is the promising networking opportunities that it offers. Apart from lecturers and like- minded, ambitious group of students, one gets a chance to meet and collaborate with notable alumni, industry experts and other influential people, meaningful relationship with whom can prove invaluable in the future. Keep in mind, they can be people who help you navigate crisis and accelerate your career by hiring you, investing in your business idea, or endorsing/referencing you, few years down the line.  

5. Path to Start Own Business: While starting own venture is a praiseworthy move, it is certainly not a walk in the park. However, an MBA program equips one with the arsenal necessary to launch, run and grow a company. In fact, benefits of MBA for entrepreneurs are immense.  

  • It helps understand the intricacies and dynamics of a business and also teaches how to turn an idea into a profitable business.  
  • The graduates gain thorough knowledge understanding of concepts (like managerial control systems, marketing strategies, customer relation, human resource management, conflict resolution, employee motivation, etc.) that are vital to smooth management and success of any business. 
  • Students develop sound leadership and incisive decision making skills, and learn how to identify problems and deal with crisis (especially with the help of case studies).  

Judging by these bright benefits of MBA, one can tell why an MBA Degree has become synonymous to investment in the future. However, the wealth of advantages of doing MBA can be reaped if you study the professional business program from an institute of national repute like Graphic Era Deemed to be University (GEU). 

GEU established its position as one of the top management institutions of India & best business school in Dehradun with All- India Rank 65 in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2022.  

Pursuing MBA from GEU, the best business school in Dehradun will be a door opener for you! You will benefit from a curriculum that is the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure gained through internships, projects, seminars and guest lectures. Every year hundreds of MBA graduates of Graphic Era are hired by top-notch companies like Amazon, Accenture, Xiaomi, Square Yards, Planetspark, Jaro education, LiDO, Axis Bank, Boord board, etc., with lucrative salary packages!  

Join Graphic Era and experience a business education that is an amalgamation of innovative and applied business practices and is designed specially to groom students into future leaders!  

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