Today, there is a tacit agreement in the world that a knowledge-driven growth fueled by innovation and creativity is a necessity for the development of a globalized society. Thus, educational institutes have started to focus not only on teaching but also on research excellence.  

In 2014, a team of scientists at Graphic Era University successfully prepared an anti-fungal drug from green tea. The splendid discovery was granted patent by the Government of India in the name of Graphic Era Deemed to be University.  

The crew comprising of Dr Jigisha Anand, Dr Nishant Rai and Dr Ashish Thapliyal from Department of Biotechnology and Department of Life Sciences, GEU developed an antimicrobial formulation to treat diseases caused by Candida

Candida is a micro-organism present in the human body that causes fungal infections in different parts of the body and commonly affects newborn babies, the elderly, women, recipients of organ transplant and those taking high doses of antibiotics. It is treated through the administration of anti-fungal drugs. However, high dosage of these drugs can lead to certain complications like decreased resistance in the body, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, pain, hypertension, etc. The formula devised by of the scientists of Graphic Era is a combination of catechins present in green tea with very small amounts of anti-fungal medication and less amounts of metal ions and functions as a combinational drug therapy against candidiasis. It has the potential to treat Candida more effectively and rapidly than the available antifungal drugs. 

Also, Candida is known to develop resistance to commonly used antibiotics and rendering conventional treatment ineffective. This new formula tackles this as well and that too, more effectively and safely due to the presence of multiple anti-candida ingredients in it. Another highlight of the invention is the anti-cancer properties and health benefits of the polyphenols catechins present in green tea used in its concoction.  

This patent is testimony that Graphic Era University (GEU) has taken great measures to foster academic research and scientific enquiries with the aim to find solutions to multifarious issues facing our society and delivered exceptional results.  


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