Life is mortal, for all we know will vanish one day. Unlike life, literature is immortal and it will live till Doom’s Day. It will always be able to keep its essence intact and alive anyway and that’s why some people never actually die, their body may be buried but they live forever through their words.

Literature has a huge impact on our lives. The two biggest forms in which we are connected to literature in our daily life are Books and Movies. While some people are bibliophilic and some are movie fanatic and sometimes, one can be both. From the very ancient age to the present, books have played a very significant role and have entertained us way much before the movies came into existence, if one between these two that has never lost its value and has only gained, then it is books.

Initially, movies were very popular but only because it was something new to people. A new way was introduced to convey messages and stories to people in such a creative way, even though books were being cherished like before.  With the passing time and with the advancement in technology, movies created with less advancement get lost. It is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of all silent movies are lost but on the contrary the older the book is, the more valuable it is. Most of the movies are based on book but none of the books is based on a movie. Comparing over cost, publishing a book is much cheaper than publishing a movie. So, these are some of the arguments which prove books to be a better choice over movies.

Now, talking about their impact over readers or viewers, books set a reader free to create an imaginary world and to decide the amount of emotion they want to feel, while when the same character is cast in movies, it’s not the viewer who will decide the amount of emotion they let in but it is the movie director, cast of the movie and sometimes it is the music. It is absolutely amazing how  500-1000 pages of a book can be converted into a 2-3 hour long movie but it’s always possible that a lot is not included that might be important to know and help understand the character and the plot of the story better. When an actor plays a fictional role, the viewer often connects to the actor and not to the character, and this may mislead the actual plot of the story while books give us the power to imagine every scene, to feel every character including those who may have been cut out, thinking it trivial to introduce them.

However, in today’s world, it has become more fascinating for people to read books made of paper and ink even when filmmakers are using special effects and people can even enjoy movies in 3D-7D visualization. Moreover, there are many benefits to reading a book. To name a few, reading strengthens the brain, increases empathy, builds vocabulary, and it also helps you sleep better and live happier lives.  Though everyone has their own preferences, books always sound better than movies. Reading good books affects our life in a very positive manner and who won’t choose positivity if it comes this easy? Reading is one of the best habits one can have. If you aren’t much of a reader, worry not, as it’s never too late to start.   

Author: Mansi Srivastava                                                                        

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