The winter capital of the state of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is a peaceful city snuggled in the foothill of the lower Himalayan ranges. Such is the aura of this place that people travel thousands of miles to bask in its divine beauty and relish the infinite wonders that it is blessed with. 

Climate: One of the greatest aspects of the city that draws visitors from distant states is its pleasant weather. Be it sudden downpours on a bright sunny day or the pleasing warmth of the sun in the chilly winters, the residents remain in awe of the weather of the hilly city round the year. In fact, its salubrious weather is one of the prime reasons why someone who has spent a considerable time in the city does not wish to leave it at all or definitely has a hard time settling in another!  

Greenery: Perched at an elevation of 435 meters in the midst of the majestic Himalayas and lush Sal forests, the vibrant and green city is famous for its picturesque beauty. The entire town is steeped in ravishing greenery with nature trying to crawl its way into the remotest of remote locations. Be it through Rajaji National Park, Malsi Deer Park, Tiger Falls, Shikhar Falls, etc., the city shall satisfy the inner nature insect in you one way or the other. Living here is indeed like experiencing life in the lap of nature!  

Peace: The residents are privy to many lesser-known, secluded spots which are far from the hustle and bustle of the city! For instance, Kimadi, Maldevta, Old Rajpur Road, etc., offer one the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of nature & charm of your own company! You will be amazed to know that Guru Dronacharya from epic Mahabharata is believed to have undergone penance on the bank of the Ganga river at Tapovan temple, Dehradun and thus, is a popular site for practicing yoga and meditation. Apart from these, Dehradun is also the gateway to popular destinations like the queen of hills ‘Mussorie’, the Kashi of the north ‘Uttarkashi’ and the yoga capital of the world ‘Rishikesh’ etc., that have been lauded as the abode of peace and serenity (and are only short rides away!)  

Education: Touted as the educational hub of India, Dehradun has been home to renowned educational institutes since the British era.  With colleges like Graphic Era University which has secured a position amongst the top 55 universities in India and schools like Doon School, Welham, etc., the youth of the state barely move out as they easily find avenues to quench their intellectual thirst in the capital itself.  Some notable personalities who graduated from schools or colleges of Dehradun include Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Olympic Gold Medalist Abhinav Bindra, Celebrated Novelist Amitav Ghosh, Dancer & Entertainer Raghav Juyal, Tv Actor Akshay Kharodia, etc. 

Historical and cultural landmarks: Dehradun is home to many landmarks that hold immense historical and cultural significance. Be it the six-faced clock tower that has been engraved with the names of freedom fighters on its walls, the Forest Research Institute that gives you a glimpse of the British era architecture, the Khalanga War Memorial that pays tribute to the valour of Gurkha soldiers against the British army, or the Mindrolling monastery that is one of the six monasteries of the Nyingma school of Buddhism, you will come across a number of sites to explore and learn from!  

Quaint cafes, lounges and eating joints: Another key selling point of this exquisite city that keeps the locals insanely happy is the easily available, pocket-friendly and mouth-watering delicacies! From momos of Angethi/KC/Kalsang, pizza of Countdown, the buffet snacks shop at Rajpur road, bun tikki at Dwarka Store Chowk, Katlamba at Sethis, ice cream from Gaylord to a string of Maggi points en-route Mussoorie, you will find tantalizing dishes in every nook and corner that are sure to tempt and satisfy your inner foodie. Moreover, the myriad of quaint cafes, lounges and eating joints have maintained the cozy, laid-back vibe of the otherwise modern city! 

Conclusion: The simple, warm-hearted and kind Doonites who do not hesitate from welcoming others work the magic of the icing on the cake! Apart from these, the low expenses, safety and ease of living in this haven are other factors that make Dehradun an ideal place for spending quality time. So do pay a visit to this spectacular city and see why people fall in love with it for yourself!  

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