The foundation of one’s professional life is laid during late teens when a student chooses his field of study. This task can be daunting especially because the young students often do not know which career path they must pursue. However, if you are creative & analytical, enjoy finding solutions best to problems, wish to build the future, and are looking for an academic program that offers you both job growth & security, engineering might be the right fit for you!  


The field of engineering offers a broad spectrum of specializations like Computer Science (CSE), Civil (CE), Mechanical (ME), Electrical (EE), Electronics & Communication (ECE), Biotech, Petroleum, etc. Though all these branches have their own set of advantages, Computer Science Engineering has emerged as the most popular choice amongst engineering aspirants. Some of the reasons for the growing popularity of Btech CSE are as follows:  

  • Today we live in an era which is powered by technology. Be it medicine, finance, transportation, or entertainment, computers have become an integral part of our lives and thus, a degree in computer science engineering would equip one with the knowledge and skills required to reap the benefits of this digital revolution.   
  • Moreover, Btech CSE is rated as one of the top-paid degree programs by many educational think tanks and news portals and has immense career opportunities for graduates overseas as well.   
  • To top it all off, the demand for Btech CSE graduates exists in every industry which means that students can draw on other areas of interests as well, for example, cybersecurity, public policy, language & linguistics, etc.  


Career opportunities after Btech CSE are immense and highly promising. A few exciting career profiles that Btech CSE graduates can look forward to, have been mentioned below:    

  • Web Developer: Web developers are the professionals who build and maintain a website. Depending on the nature of the job, a web developer works as back-end developer (responsible for creation of the underlying structure of website by writing codes), front-end web developers (works on design and visual of the website and make a website user-friendly) or a full-stack developer (works on both client-side applications (front-end) and server-side applications (back-end).   
  • Software Developer: Software developers use programming knowledge and engineering principles to identify, design, develop, install and test applications and programs for clients.  Depending on the user’s needs, they develop operating systems, desktop or mobile applications, computer games, etc.   
  • Machine learning engineer: A Machine learning engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for developing programmes, algorithms & predictive models that enable machines to perform action without human intervention, self-driving cars, for example.   
  • Computer Hardware Engineer: Computer Hardware Engineer are experts who deal with research, design, development and testing of computer system and its hardware components such as circuit boards, routers, memory devices, routers etc.   

Why Graphic Era University?   

You can land the role of Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Web Developer, Web Designer, Full Stack Developer etc., in prestigious companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Tata Technologies, Infosys, and many more, with a Computer Science Engineering degree from Graphic Era Deemed to be University, the top ranked engineering university in Uttarakhand (All India NIRF Rank 74).   

The highly qualified faculty, industry-centric curriculum, learn-by-doing pedagogy, hands-on training programs, state of the art infrastructure of GEU (best engineering college in Dehradun) provide a rigorous learning environment to the students which ensures their swift transformation into industry leaders and technocrats. The B.Tech CSE graduates of GEU command highest salary packages (48.50 lakh in 2022) in the region, every year.   

Enroll yourself in the flagship program of GEU and become a part of a rewarding educational experience! The best engineering college in Dehradun (All India NIRF Rank 64) also offers CSE with specialization in many other blooming areas like machine learning & artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, cybersecurity, deep learning & artificial intelligence, information security & artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence & robot building.   

Also be supported while you study with our scholarship program!  GEU offers a provision of scholarship to meritorious students along with a 5 percent concession per semester to wards of defense personnel and 10 percent concession to female candidates.    

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