Over the past one year, market has been abuzz with the news of people losing jobs as the corona virus led pandemic brought the economy of the nation to a grinding halt.

At a such time, when the clouds of despair are (naturally) looming large in the sky, the tale of a student of Graphic Era University has emerged as the ray of hope.

Maitree Rawat, a student of B.Tech (CSE), GEU landed a job at world’s top search engine ‘Google’ and became source of inspiration for millions in the educational world.

Maitree had begun preparing for her dream job when she was in the final year at Graphic Era. And finally when the time came, she passed coding tests and rounds and rounds of interviews with flying colors to prove that she was the best choice for role of software engineer and ultimately secured a package of whopping 54.80 lakh in the coveted company.

Apart from Google, she cracked the placements of many other reputed firms like TCS, Infosys, Cognizant during their placement drives in the varsity. The most praiseworthy thing to note and learn from is that she managed to accomplish all this
while working full time with another company. With sheer dedication, she devoted atleast 6 hours a day to make sure she achieved her goal irrespective of the long tiring office hours.

The talented young woman credits her feat to the high quality education offered by Graphic Era and Prof. Kamal Ghanshala,
the humble founder Chairman of Graphic Era group who himself takes classes of the students.

And indeed the university takes great measures to ensure that it serves as a launchpad for successful careers of its students. Prof. Kamal Ghanshala attributes the employment of world’s latest technologies, teaching systems, world class faculties and laboratories by the university as key to transforming the dreams of students into reality.

Respected Chairman even felicitated Maitree along with her parents in the campus and presented her with rupees 1 lakh cheque as token of admiration.

Maitree’s recruitment by Google during the pandemic when most people are fighting tooth and nail to retain their jobs proves that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you possess the drive and determination.

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