Lockdown, the word seems too mundane. Though circumstances have melted us to be locked inside our homes, I have deep faith to overwhelm that love, feelings, emotions can never be locked. Nowadays the overflow of these emotions is noted in my diary. Before life was busy filling the spaces of the world. Now it’s the time to rejoice those feelings and emotions in the form of writing. Writing is not my hobby but I love to write. Uttarakhand is consecrated with immense natural divinity. Being part of it and beautifying my writings with the help of it has become part of living nowadays. Many might conceive that our daily scenario doesn’t affect our writing but it does affect it. An individual always has calculated what accord them solace or else the feeling of being captivated gets to them. The famous poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge has written the poem   “Dejection of an Ode” inheriting the feeling of distraction and sorrows. On a similar hand, the same poet has written the poem “Kubla Khan” theming imagination, a fantasy of dream glorifying natural beauty. So it’s little translucent that the environment around matters! Why I am discussing or comparing things? My answer to this is…..

Many people have imperialized that life has stopped due to this lockdown. But actually, this is not the case. If you believe so, you have yourself stopped living.

Relax, be calm, and trust the process. Only then will your mind feature Kubla Khan instead of Dejection of an Ode.

We have learned that following a schedule or things for long-duration becomes adaptation. That is what targeted the most by this lockdown. Busy schedule, the up, and downs, the noisy life have become our habitat. We are not just ready to accept this fact of sudden peace. Our life never wants to travels the ocean which has no waves. This is the actual muddle.

Peace is an inner element there is no two way in saying this. But this inner element is rooted in the external factors. I have listened to people saying that hobby requires passion, but does it really?

No, I would say the hobby is an outcome of emotions, not passion. Passion is the element required for fulfilling dreams, not a hobby. A hobby happens by itself, it doesn’t require any external force. External force just helps to retaliate.

It’s the time for deep introspection – of days witnessing rigidity now turning radiant. My diary has now seen the rising sun, crops turning golden, developing mangoes, and much more. Paying attention to my surroundings, I got to know that cows, buffaloes, goats, dogs, and cats can speak. And the most interesting thing which I learned was they only talk to some of us. Hobbies don’t improve our social and regular construct. But if we will study, the end analysis gained will be something which is already improved curriculum of our life, is a hobby. Though refining it with experience is another add-on definition to it. Lockdown has improved and relaxed the brains which had no minutes for learning their existence. In my poetries, the lockdown is visible in the form of peaceful tone and silent words delivering multiple harmonic aspects. I would like to assure people that there’s no such power till today which disable the dreams and feelings to end. Emotions are free to express, look, or to feel. Lastly, I would like to quote the intrinsic aspects of the epic “Ramayan” which gives the essence that SITA and RAM were never locked in exile and it was a vast exploration. So, explore your thoughts, your desires, and your feelings in any form, analyse and check whether it’s your hobby or a passion and let’s find beauty in the moment.

Author : Himanshu Negi

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