Hi, My name is Madhu Gupta and I am a proud Alumnus of Graphic Era University (previously known as GEIT) having completed my masters degree as a part of the first batch of MCA in the year 2003. Taking the decision to choose Graphic Era was not an easy one. The fact that GEIT was fairly new at that point added to the difficulty. The promise that GEIT had to offer, the commitment of the standards along with the excitement of being a student of the first batch of MCA and leave a legacy helped finally in reaching the right decision. Today, as I look back at the journey from GEIT to corporate and beyond, I feel extremely happy and contended at the investment made.

Located in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, the environment at GEIT was buzzing with an energy and enthusiasm that was ever encompassing and touched everyone. There were plenty of challenges and opportunities on offer. We got the chance to grow with the institute, having the focused attention of all our faculties and the ever encouraging support and commitment of our Chairman Ghanshala Sir. Prior to joining GEIT, I was a complete introvert but here I learnt to be more inquisitive, open to learn and made a lot of very good friends for life. I feel blessed to have been in an environment which taught us the right way to become professionals.

My Corporate Journey:

I began my corporate journey with TCS almost 18 years ago in Mumbai as an Assistant Systems Engineer. Beginning of a new phase of life with new people and in a new city; there was a fear, but it all started on a positive note.I could stand out throughmy pleasant and helping nature. I made friends to cherish for life. In 2005, I started on a Manual tester role for a project in TCS Gurgaon. My interest in development kept me indulged in my free time. Work was hectic but I was passionate and determined to do my best. My manager was impressed with my hard work and dedication and got my performance band changed for the contribution, a reward which was very significant for my career. I got shifted to another role of Business Analyst in Capital Markets and now a different journey started which is still going on. My managers appreciated me for my work, and I got my first long term onsite opportunity in Luxembourg, Europe. This was a dream come true. Enthusiasm of gaining lifetime exposure, new people, new country, new culture but I was in a dilemma, as being a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law was equally important. I came up with flying colors as the clients appreciated my job, my quick response approach. On my arrival back to India, daily travelling to Gurgaon was a pain. To sort things out and get some time for my family and my daughter especially, I bought my first four wheeler Santro Xing, all on my own which was a very emotional and proud moment for me.

All good things come to an end, my journey with TCS where I grew as a professional ended as new opportunities knocked the door. The capital markets journey continued, as I joined DION GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD as a Business Analyst. I shared wonderful bond with my colleagues and was their go to person for any personal or professional help. I got admired for my leadership, team building skills, helping attitude and that X-factor to accept challenges and finally achieving the goals.

A decade spent at DION GLOBAL SOLUTIONS was an amazing experience as I got more exposure in the Capital Markets world. I evolved as a professional. I am currently associated with S&P Global (erstwhile known as IHS Markit) as a Business Analyst.

My Career has been rewarding and fruitful. Full of different kinds of experiences, multiple roles, guiding mentors and off course wonderful colleagues. I have always been on my toes managing work, household chores, family but all becomes easy when you have the passion.

Family and Interests:

I am of the firm belief that God has showered us with a blessed life. My parents are my inspiration as they always taught us the morals of  life. I have a very loving husband who also is in a very successful career in  the corporate world. My loving daughters are my lifelines. My in-laws support have helped achieve my career aspirations as they have been there for my kids when I was not around.

I would have been a singer if not this profession as I enjoy singing and listening to old songs as well as songs from the 90’s which are so melodious. I also try to explore new recipes for my family. If time permits, I sometimes binge around with some of the webseries online.

Simple Words:
It’s your attitude and nature to learn that makes you successful.
It’s important to say ‘NO’ sometimes; One cannot satisfy each and every individual.
Do not only build professional relations. Cherish them for life. 
Enjoy life. Be yourself, be kind, be helpful. Keep your motivation levels high and keep backing yourself that you can DO IT!!!!
Talk less, Work more and the same will speak for you.

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2 years ago

Awesome madhu…i can never imagine tht u were introvert sometimes….indeed u r n inspiration to many like us in every field either corporate world or the personal life.

Jyotsna Gupta
Jyotsna Gupta
2 years ago

Amazing article,Madhu!

Dr. Manoj Chandra Lohani
Dr. Manoj Chandra Lohani
2 years ago

What a remarkable journey which started from Graphic Era as the student of the first batch of MCA!
Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors..

Somendra Nath
Somendra Nath
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing, very candid and inspiring!!!

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