“A man is the sum of his actions, Of what he has done, Of what he can do, Nothing else “.

Every inch of negativity is surrounded by some positive impact. At this time, where the whole nation is disturbed by the COVID19 pandemic, it does bring us the long-craved “opportunity of doing things we never had the time for”.

All those who had said “I want to learn this but I couldn’t”, now have ample time to pick up your skills and start learning those things which you could not have done before. This is the best time to upgrade and create an enhanced version of yourself. Grow not only in the hobbies but also in the academic scenario. Groom YOURSELF for a BETTER YOU.

Some promised themselves they’d write a novel. Others committed to learning a new language. Some are working out to be fit and healthy. And a large majority of people made themselves to cook every week until this is all over. Safe to say, people seem to be achieving a lot during this lockdown.

As we know that we are all staying at home due to continuous lockdown. But the student community has a great opportunity to use this time in a positive way. As a student, I am also using this time to pursue my hobbies in a more productive way. It gives me the best time of writing my own thoughts. Writing is one of the most beautiful parts of my skills.  I get enough time to concentrate on dance and practice on different songs. In the same way, all student can make their hobby as their strength and give their free time in different fields like paintings, singing, reading, etc. which enables all of us to level up in life.

School and college students are being taught in online classes which help them to study at home so that they do not lag behind their studies. So, if we think this lockdown period can make us learn many new and different things it will definitely helpful for us only. Because of this lockdown period, I got the wonderful opportunity to work on improving myself. There are some of my skills on which I am working on.

1: CODING:                     

while( ! ( succeed = try (  ) ) ) ;

For all IT students, including me also we could definitely use this time to advance our existing skills. For anyone who is new to coding, you could begin online classes by the Team of Coding Blocks where there will be step-by-step instruction guides for you on every language you wish to learn.


“Eating is a NECESSITY, butCooking is an ART “.

This lockdown made me cook. One good thing about being home a lot is that we can finally spend time cooking our favourite dishes. This is when we can google recipes online and get creative with cooking. Now that we will be regularly cooking, the habit will stick even once we are back to work!


  “Your body exists in the past, your mind exists in the future. With YOGA they come together in the present”.

Even though we are restricted to step out of the house, some form of physical exercise is a must. Using this time to work on improving our health and keeping ourselves motivated, we can always try a home workout routine and follow a healthy and nutritious diet.


If we’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with a patch of green space to tend to, why not make the most of it by learning some gardening skills? I experienced a lot while planting. There’s something really fulfilling about clearing the weeds, planting some bulbs, and watching your hard work pay off. Plus, we’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable space to chill out in while we’re staying safe at home.

So, this is how I am taking this time positively to be a better version of myself. Small personal disappointments at this time really don’t matter in the larger context. In times like these, we realize how much we can do without the rush and the proportion of our own privilege. We all should take this time in a manner of developing skills and if we are not going out, that in itself is the best positive impact for helping others and us also. Here, I would like to conclude my thoughts with a quote

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to”.

Author: Minni Kaur

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