Are you almost done with your board exams?  

Has the pressure to pursue a career already begun? 

If so, you might find little guidance here. Today, there are many programs available, and choosing between them can be difficult. Not to mention that you’ll have to search for something that will sustain you in the future. In that case, you need to have a list prepared to ensure that you choose the right field. 

So what all career options do you have ahead of you based on your stream? Here are some of them mentioned below: 


Streams: PCM, PCM, PCMB 

  1. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: To brief this field in layman’s terms, a data scientist extracts raw data from various sources and uses it according to the companies’ fields. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Data Science that takes the data extracted and uses it to solve the company’s problems. 

DS and AI are required in almost every field, be it finance, commerce, education, or transportation. And there are very few data scientists working in the industry. Hence, DS and AI are very profitable industries. 

  1. Nursing: Did you know that the requirement for nursing staff rose to 200% after the pandemic? The reason is that the developed countries hospital facilities and infrastructure.  

Nurses from India are in demand in developed countries’ like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. with a salary package of up to 50 lacks per annum. Moreover, building a career in nursing can be helpful to you as well as to society. 

  1. Automobile Engineering: Here is another fun fact: India has recently beaten Japan to become the World’s third-largest auto market, after China and USA. The rise of various vehicles of Petrol, Diesel, CNG, and now Electricity are in demand and require a lot of research and testing.  

Automobile or Automotive engineering works on the concepts of a vehicle to bring it into practicality. Therefore, if you are into cars and other vehicles, then this can turn out to be a beneficial career for you. 


Streams: Commerce with Maths, Commerce without Maths 

  1. Marketing: Many people confuse marketing to be the same as sales. But, sales are only a part of marketing that has many other branches. A career in marketing opens doors for fields like advertising, banking, tourism, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.  

Marketing as a career has good growth wherever you go. With the rise in social media usage and online platforms, digital marketing is a highly profitable career. 

  1. Finance: Although it may seem difficult, finance is a flourishing industry that will give a high Return on Investment (ROI). A finance career lies beyond banks and investment agencies. It can even land you jobs in the Government of India. 
  1. Human Resources: An HR is a connection between its employees, top management, and the government. Industries will always require fresh faces with adequate knowledge to become HR in their company. 

It is a stable job that requires you to understand labor laws and methods to improve the organization’s growth. 


Stream: Humanities 

  1. Mass Communication: From radio to billboards, mass communication is used in various forms of media. It solves the problems of which media to use for which type of information helps to keep the society informed of their environment.  

A career in mass communication can help you understand the media channels and help you with communication and confidence. 

  1. Law: Law is a career open for all the streams especially for art students because they have already cleared their concepts on various topics. Law is pursued after completing an undergraduate program or by doing a five-year integrated program. 

Apart from being in the judicial role as a lawyer, the law can be extended in the education department and government jobs too. 

  1. Psychology: With a culture driven toward social media and AI, a human expert understands human emotions. Psychology is a required industry for every organization since there must be a counselor or psychologist available that can be high-paying up to 2 million per annum. 


To summarize, every stream has a career opportunity that can fetch you a good lifestyle. When you chose your stream in 12th, you must have liked the subjects that drove you towards it. So you have already taken your first step. But the next step of selecting a field to work in is equally crucial because this might be a blueprint for your career. 

With this, we hope that your vision to pursue a career will be cleared so that your next step is clear and the path visible. 

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