Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is the best program for those who wish to delve into the rapidly growing field of information technology. Apart from the immense employment prospects, the course offers a variety of benefits to the candidates: 

Duration: The three-year program of Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the most affordable and fastest ticket to the IT world. A student gets to study a curriculum designed by renowned academicians and industry experts, that is at par with that of Bachelors in Engineering and is available at a much lower investment and time.  

Industry Ready Professionals: The industry-centric program enables students to acquire conceptual and practical learning. mastery over computer programming languages, coding, development of computer application, multimedia design and many other skills which are highly valued in tech era we’re in. The involvement in real-world projects further boots their technical acumen and help them carve a strong niche for themselves in the job market. 

Versatile career: The diverse field of computer application does not limit one sector rather opens up fulfilling career paths in domains like healthcare, finance, trading, IT, education, software, transportation, etc. 

Graduates with requisite skillset can also bag opportunity to work abroad as the technological advancements in the international market is fueling global demand for qualified computer engineers and experts. 

High Income Job Opportunities: BCA students are amongst the highest paid graduates. Even in the beginning of their career, they are able to command good salary package, benefits and later, promotions.  

Students are even able to bag paid internship opportunities while studying. There are many companies that recruit BCA students as interns and later integrate them into their workforce after the successful completion of their under-graduate education. This enables the students learn, build skills train for full time jobs with a decent stipend, and grow a valuable professional network from an early age. 

 Career Profiles: The BCA program puts you in a good pace with respect to job security. It opens door to wide range of promising careers, including but not restricted to the following: 

  • Software developer trainee: A BCA graduate can work as an entry level software developer who assists the development team with different aspects of coding, designing and maintaining a software system. 
  • Data Scientist: A data scientist develops smart solution to business challenges by employing technical, analytical, statistical and programming skills to collect, interpret, analyze trends and create meaning out of complex data sets using algorithms, AI tools, data-mining techniques, etc. 
  • Web developer: Web developers design, construct and maintain user-friendly websites as per client demands. Put simply, they develop codes that dictate how a website looks, operates and functions. 
  • Digital Marketing: With growing digitization of businesses, the demand of specialists to promote the products online, track and draw customers, and boost sales has increased invariably. The BCA program allows a candidate to tap this lucrative market by entering as digital marketers. Typically, digital marketing role includes optimization of web content, content marketing, marketing analytics, etc.  
  • Cyber security expert: The demand for experts to tackle the weaknesses of digital fortifications is increasing day-by-day in government organizations and private companies alike. A BCA graduate can join this domain and become responsible for protection of the critical IT infrastructures.  
  • Freelancing: Many budget conscious firms and start-up seek the expertise of professionals who are proficient in programming languages to build their websites and improve their digital strategy. These short term projects offer BCA graduates the luxury to work remotely at first and start their own company with experience, later.  

Conclusion: You can shine in your career with a degree from the best college in Dehradun, that is, Graphic Era Deemed to be University. Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) at GEU is a new age program that provides the best of both worlds to students: academic knowledge and practical exposure. Admissions for the 2022-23 session are now open at the top ranked university in Uttarakhand! Enroll now and benefit from an education which has real-world focus on practical skills.  

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